Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Slumber Party Mystery

Alli turned 11 this weekend, and I can't believe how grown up she's getting.  We had one of those mystery theater parties where everyone has a part and tries to guess who committed a crime, which was a riot with a bunch of eleven year olds.  I got to play the part of the host/detective on the scene.  It was a slumber party mystery, and Alli's cousin Jaycee played the cheerleader who couldn't stop saying "Go Team!" and ended up stealing everyone's stuff.  Then they played Murder in the Dark, but whenever the lights went out they just screamed and giggled, so we didn't always catch the murderer. Grandma brought a Cold Stone cake because the one I attempted was, let's just say not edible...  I struggle with the cake part of birthdays, but I love Alli!

Ginny crawled all the way up the stairs at Grandma's on Alli's birthday, which was also pretty amazing.  Alli and I spotted her while she made those big moves.  When she got to the top she was so  excited, she started jabbering.  It's fun to see her try to communicate a little bit.  I think she was proud.

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