Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Annie!

My baby is one today! I can't believe that one year ago today I was at the hospital having surgery two weeks before Christmas. My goodness, I feel great! I have a lot more energy this Christmas, and we are back in the traditions game at our house. We're reading Christmas scriptures, doing the advent calendar, and baking up stuff. We even have a new tradition-it's Anne's birthday party...Right in the middle of all the other hoop-la.

Anne loved the cake. She can really pack it away if she likes what's on the menu, and let's just say she likes sugar. Here she is taking a first little taste:

It didn't take her long to figure out this was something oh-so-yummy:

I don't think it's all going to fit, Anne. You've got to pace yourself.And then the sugar high hit: She really demolished that cake. Then Dad took her off to the tub,
and we ate some grown-up food. I made some homemade ice cream with blackberry balsamic sauce that was pretty tasty... I didn't need a shovel or anything like Anne, but it was good.
After Anne got cleaned up, she hopped on her new car, and then headed upstairs for a nap. It was a great day.

We'd also like to say thanks to all the grandparents who made this day possible.

Bryn's Bridal Shower

My Cousin Bryn is getting married next month, and I catered the food for her bridal shower at my Mom's house. We had:
  • Salmon salad
  • Yogurt parfait
  • Mini Quiche
  • Maple Walnuts
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins
  • Orange Juice

I was in gourmet heaven grilling 6lbs. of salmon for the salad. It was the best salmon I've had in a few years- Costco never lets me down, and there was salmon leftover for days. I ate it all myself...

This is me with my grandmother and her twin sister. They are going to be 80 next year!

I had a lot of fun doing the shower--Thanks Bryn, and good luck!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Anne Eating Garden Peas and Other Stories

Alli has always hated anything hygeine related: bathing, brushing her teeth, putting up her hair, clipping her fingernails, washing her hands... Stuff in that realm. I have been under the impression that these things are painful, making her dislike them. She has a sensitive head, the water is too cold, etc, but after a conversation we had Sunday, I think I've had it all wrong.

I was getting the girls dressed for church, telling them they needed to look extra pretty etc. I say these things to help them get motivated and stay focused.

Me: "We always want to look our best Sunday, Maddie, so let's wear the shirt that goes with this dress."

Alli, interrupting: "I don't really like being pretty Mom. That's why I don't look forward to it. I'm more the dirty-adventurous type."

Maddie, thankfully, assured me that she liked being pretty. As for Alli, I'll check in with her on this pretty thing at a later date and see how she feels.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Apple Bobbing and Other Stuff

It's no wonder it rained this year on Halloween. I actually put some effort into our Halloween costumes, and so it just makes sense that it would rain all over them. Still, I had so much fun crafting these costumes that I just might do it again next year. But let me explain...

You see it all started with an idea and a friend. One day early in October I had this thought: Hey, I have a glue gun. why not use it on those costumes I got for Halloween? That was followed by me doing absolutely nothing because I don't even know where a craft store is, and I'm not really into Halloween.

If not for my friend Lessley stepping in, the holiday would have passed as usual. The week before Halloween I took my store bought costumes over to her house, and we brainstormed ideas. Between the miscellaneous stuff she had and a trip she took to the craft store, we came up with some great stuff. Lessley made Alli's cape and found some fringe and things to glue onto her dress. I picked up some bling stickers and hair glitter and the rest is history. I am so thankful for all of Lessley's help! I'm sure she had better things to do right before Halloween. But without her I wouldn't have caught the Halloween vibe, and it made the night a million times more fun.

I even found the energy to get some apple bobbing and mini pumpkins together for the kids and some friends to decorate. That was a lot of fun as well, and it was nice to have one last good memory in our trusty house that has seen us through so much. Soon we will say our final goodbyes, but that is another story for another blog.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Picky Eater the Third

All of my kids are picky eaters. I was a picky eater. Ty was a picker eater. It's a family trait. I was that stubborn kid who refused to eat anything but the marshmallows from my Lucky Charms cereal and pretty much survived on bread and butter or mac and cheese until I reached adulthood. Ty got by on those candy machines inside ZCMI where you put in a quarter and get a handful of sugar. That was his big Friday night plan as a kid. Jump the fence to the mall and lock and load.

My kids didn't fall far from the turnip truck. I know other good moms who get their kids to eat healthy food all the time; perhaps they dangle a dessert threat to keep them munching on that carrot or make them sit till they eat it. Maybe it's the three bite rule. And then there's the old standby: If they don't eat tonight, they'll get hungry and Mom'll say, "I'm so sorry you are hungry. That's no fun at all! I will make an extra big breakfast in the morning, and perhaps you will remember to eat more tomorrow night."
Yeah. My kids don't remember. They just starve. Again. and Again... It's crackers and candy or nothing, as far as they are concerned. And let's just get one thing straight. I am cooking kid food, people. It's too "spicy" though, or it's too hot or cold or whatever. The other day Maddie told me that the Bug Juice we bought on the way up Provo Canyon was too spicy. It's a sugar drink. Come on.
Somehow, the survival technique of eating food when it's available did not genetically encode. Instead, they only want food when it's not readily available, and/or I just spent an hour cleaning up the food they decided not to eat at mealtime. It's a wonder they've lived this long on bread and water(not the crusts), but I just have to keep reminding myself that I did the same thing to my Mom. What a stinker I was!

And now the third girl of the bunch is showing her true family colors. She won't eat anything unless she can pick it up herself and put it in her mouth. No rice cereal, no jars of baby food, no applesauce, no kidding. I have to bake her sweet potatoes once a week and cut them up for her to eat. That or grapes, frozen berries, or cheerios. No bananas, though. That would be too close to baby food for her taste and too easy for Mom to keep on hand.

It really is funny, considering how calm and happy she is all the time. I guess I can give her this one tactical advantage. Besides, she lets me call all the other shots, so what's the big deal? Someday I'll have grown kids to cook for, and they'll appreciate what I can make for them. Until then...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

More Family Firsts

It's seems like the more you try to hang on to life as it is, the more it changes and slips away from you, like a river current bent on moving downstream. I keep trying to fight it, but walking upstream is hard work and I'm losing ground! Alli is in 1st grade. She takes a lunch to school and rides the bus all on her own. She eats meals without me? How can this be? She even wears glasses now, just like I did in 1st grade. In short, she's growing up, and I can't do a thing about it.
And those aren't the only family firsts. Ever since school started my life keeps dumping itself out and re-arranging, like my toddlers used to do with my purse. I agreed to teach Maddie and four other little girls from a pre-school system called Mother Goose, which takes two hours every Wed and Fri. In a couple of weeks, my turn will be over, and another Mom will take over, but for now, my entire living room is covered with signs and alphabet charts. We can guess the weather while we watch the evening news and wave a color wand whenever we want... My girls have spent hours pretending to play preschool using the visual aides I have tacked up all over, so just for that, it's been worth the effort. I'm mostly glad to spend some extra time with Maddie.

Then there was the "Hullabaloo" over Alli. That's what she called it the other day, so I knew it was time to take the conversation behind closed doors. I had her tested, and the school gave us the option to put her in second grade or leave her with her teacher, which is what she desperately wanted. I can understand why. Her teacher is awesome, and I quite agreed with her that second grade was "scary". After talking myself nearly to death with as many people as I could, I made a decision. Alli would stay in first grade and get some extra lessons at home to fill the gaps. I'm really lucky to have Ms. Oliekan teaching Alli, and I'm glad I didn't have to give that up. So, again, with the rearranged schedule. And I was so happy at the end of the summer with a simpler quieter life... I guess that will be postponed until further notice.

After making all these changes during the past few weeks, I'm thinking I need a nice quiet boring week next week. I'll hunker down and get it done-- forget about any extra anything that might pop into my head. That's the plan, but you know how that river current is. I could end up doing anything next week. The possibilities are endless and endlessly possible.

Friday, September 17, 2010


A week ago, Ty's mother died. We knew the day was coming, but it just didn't seem to help ease the suddeness of it. The finality of death is something that I don't think you can ever prepare yourself to face. You can imagine what it will be like without someone you love, but actually facing up to it is quite another thing. As I watched Ty carrying the casket to the gravesite, I could hardly stand that feeling of emptiness- that hollow place where something was and will never be again. I know we will all be reunited in heaven, but there is so much separating us from it. I don't think I ever realized how far away heaven is until that moment we closed Virginia's casket, and I knew in real terms that I will never again see her in this life.

Alli seemed to understand and accept her grandmother's passing up until the bagpipes started playing outside the chapel. I can understand. Those dang bagpipes did me in too-it must be why Virginia wanted them. A lesser contingent of people held out after the bagpipes, but everyone else just gave up and cried away. Alli and her cousin Lexi where hitched together boo-hooing, and I wished we could stand there forever and soak it all in.

I heard Alli say to Lexi, "We're never going to see Grandma AGAIN!" and then more sobs on Lexi's shoulder, which was actually very touching coming from such small fry. I wanted to be the one huddled together with my sad little girl, but somehow I felt like her cousin was just the right size and perspective to comisserate with at that moment. I'm glad they have each other, and I'm glad that Alli was able to spend time with her grandmother when she was with us. My other kids will miss out, and that makes me the saddest.

Ty's family asked me to write the obituary, and here it is:

Virginia Mitchell Hansen, beloved wife, mother and grandmother, passed away September 9, 2010 in her home, surrounded by her family. After fighting with diabetes for many years, it was her wish to end her days at home, with those who meant the most to her in life. From sons and daughters, to sisters, brothers, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, many came to support, love, and care for her during her last week.

Virginia was a gifted and innovative artist and craft designer. She sold her work nationally through a family owned business, Decorative Designs, for many years, which she and her husband eventually sold to Provo Craft in the 1990's. Her painting techniques set new trends in the industry, and many of her pieces are still treasured today within her family and the community.

As a successful business owner, she was able to magnify her painting skills and teach others to paint. She employed each one of her children in turn, truly creating a "family" business that supported and nurtured both her family and hundreds of friends and neighbors over the years.

Her expertise was recognized by BYU Academy when she was commissioned to paint panels in the rose mulling style for the building.

The mother of six children and one foster child, Virginia loved her family and served them well. She attended all of her grandchildren's baby blessings, baptisms, and other important events, never missing a chance to be with her family. She was also an active member of the LDS Church, holding many teaching positions and other callings where she was able to serve.

Virginia was born February 19, 1942 in Provo, UT to Brigham William Mitchell and Mary L. Keith. She was married September 22, 1960 to Jack Kent Hansen in the Salt Lake City Temple, and is survived by her husband, six children, Jackie Schroeppel (Mark) of Orem, Kent Hansen of Orem, UT, Kay (Van) Parker of Kimberly, ID, Robert (Alicia) Hansen of Herriman, UT, James (Tamra) Hansen of Clearfield, UT, Tyler (Sierra) Hansen of Lehi, UT and foster daughter Vida Cleveland of Aurora, CO. She is also survived by seven siblings, twenty five grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren.
Funeral services will be held Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 11 a.m. at the Orem Hillcrest 4th Ward Chapel located at 440 E 800 S Orem, UT. Viewings will take place at Sundberg Olpin Mortuary, 495 S State Street, in Orem, on September 13, 2010, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. and at 10 a.m. prior to the funeral at the 4th ward building. Interment will be in the Orem City Cemetery.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ryan's Home!

Two years have come and gone, even though it feels like only yesterday that I watched my little brother walk through those MTC doors. But when I stop to think, a lot has really happened. It's like he never left, and at the same time he missed so much. It's funny how time starts to play tricks on you the older you get.

On the way to the airport, it was like an Amazon rain storm accidentally migrated to Utah, and our car was just pummeled as we navigated the point of the mountain, the belt loop, and eventually, the airport. Ty was at school, so I had three kids strapped in the back seat and my Mimi, who used to drive 18 wheelers for a living, in the passenger seat. Between her and Alli, I was getting a lot of driving advice. All I know is that I've never gone 20 miles an hour on the freeway, even in the snow, and it was white knuckle all the way. We made it, and arrived at the terminal with bells on. No, we actually did. My grandmother brought them. And balloons. And signs. We stuck out a bit.
Anyway, Ryan looked great as he came down the escalator still holding his scriptures, name tag in place. Now that's dedication. All I would want on an 18 hour flight from Australia is a sleeping pill and some atarol. Not Ryan. He rocked that trip in a full suit and my parents to boot. They picked him up two weeks before and showed him the sights that he missed while preaching and what not.

Fast forward to coming home. The special sign I had made at Kinkos for 60 bucks blew away in the freak rain storm, and was nowhere to be found. Sitting at Chili's with my family an hour later, looking out at the dry ground and beautiful blue sky above, I don't think they quite understood where that sign could have gone. I promise. It was like the... tropics... and stuff...

My next few days were spent preparing food for the Welcome Home on Sunday, which I catered for my Mom. Ryan gave a great talk, and we had fun entertaining so many old and new friends. Welcome Home Ryan! I'm so glad you're back.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are we Having Fun Yet?

"Don't bother me. This hat is so going to get me more candy"

We are serious about our parades in Lehi. Especially Maddie. She gets the good stuff: hats, Frisbees, Barbie Boot Camp beach balls... You name it. This year Ty finally got the shade to park proximity exactly right, and we were nicely shaded the entire time. Then we were able to get in line at the face paint tent before it was an hour long because we were just across the street! Way to go Dad. Making the memories.

That's right, it was a parade to remember. The girls got their faces painted, we bounced in the bounce houses, and then we got some good old over-priced Lehi take-out in the park. I love it all. Can't wait till next year.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Anne of our Gables

I feel like rhapsodizing about how perfect my little Anne is today. I don't know if it's possible for me to love her any more, and yet there is still so much time to find out! She is the sweetest, most happy little thing in this world, and at 6 months old, she still has yet to throw a fit. (We're hoping there isn't anything wrong with her...)
She always has a smile for me and anyone else she comes across, especially when she is getting tired and starting to babble in her nonsensical baby way. I can say with complete surety that no one else in the family smiles when they are tired. None of us do. Not at all.
We all take turns trying to get her to giggle because it is hilarious. She is just starting to find peek-a-boo entertaining, so we don't have to rely as much on the toss and tickle methods, but it isn't hard to make her laugh in any case. The one thing she dislikes is eating any kind of solid food. She doesn't cry when I stick the spoon in her mouth, but the faces she makes are clearly saying, "this is disgusting!" The other day when the small grunts of disapproval didn't work, she finally just threw it all up and more, soaking me and her. OK, so maybe we'll wait a bit on that.

I love this daughter of mine.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Clean and Bright

We finished June, and I met my goal of playing one game a day with my girls for every day of the month. There were glittered butterflies to make, Twizzler Pete's Treasure Map to follow, and home-made car washes to cool us down on a hot day. One note to self: Learn how to use a compass. I hid Twizzler Pete's Twizzler stash in my North facing bedroom, but the map clearly said take 15 steps East. Good thing the girls didn't even notice...

The Car Wash game was my favorite by far and the easiest. I set up our ladybug sprinkler head on the driveway and turned on the water. Then they drove bikes, cars, scooters, and themselves through the "car wash" over and over, handing me tree leaves for money. Oh how I love the summer.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can

Finally, I saw him round the corner, just yards from the finish line and moments away from the rest of his life as a marathoner. He said it felt like giving birth. I said, I'm so glad this is over, even as I prepared myself to hear the inevitable the next morning: Maybe I'll run another one. I knew he would say that, just like I knew he would finish the first one. Sometimes you just know. But it wasn't an easy road- are there any medals available for Babysitter of the Marathoner? I didn't think so. Just cheesy songs about being the Wind Beneath the Wings and so forth.

The night before the Utah Valley Marathon, I went to bed early. Ty was getting jittery- setting his alarm for 3;30 am, trying to decide what to wear in a rainstorm/windstorm/hot June day, and generally freaking out. My job was to leave the house with my 3 kids at 7:30 and get down to the finish line before Ty crossed it. I was necessarily worried a good deal myself about those logistics.

Even still, it wasn't my Christmas morning. I fell asleep without another thought, until 4:30 am when I was shocked awake by my panicked husband. The alarm never went off- he was an hour late to catch the bus up to the starting line. Old school alarm: 1. iPhone: 0.

I saw the past few months of 2 hour runs, counseling sessions, and indepth excruciating conversations about shoes, peppered with words like "pronate" and "IT band" flash before my bleary eyes. There was no parking up the canyon and no access to the starting line after 5:00 am. Even at 4 I can do that math. We were 45 minutes away with 20 minutes and counting.

I grabbed my shoes, grabbed my kids, and grabbed Ty, who was protesting a bit about the insanity of the situation. I started backing out of the driveway before he was even in the car, only to turn around a minute later when we realized the ipod was still on the kitchen counter. That catastrophy averted, we were on our way with three children wide awake in the back seat.

It was raining and chilly, but we were going to take a stab at this, and secretly I knew that nothing was going to stop me from getting him there. We had both invested too much, and I'm just not that flexible. I didn't care what road they closed, I was prepared to do whatever it took.

Luckily for me, I didn't have to find out because my Dad had decided to bring his state of the art camera to the starting line and was already en-route. We met at the freeway, and Ty jumped in. That wind helped as well. The weather delayed the race just enough to push the road block back to 5:30 and allow Ty a nice leather-seated ride right up to the starting line at precicely 5:27 am.

He ran the race. And he finished it. I was there at the finish line to see him cry. I cried a little too, and it was a very good good day.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Fun

With my first year as the mother of a school aged kid under my belt, I figured it was time to bring out the big guns this summer. We only have so much time before it's off to school again, and yet we also have so MUCH time that I decided to get prepared. Well, and in the spirit of full disclosure, I also felt a little bit of guilt for all the time I spend working from home. I don't want that to get in the way of a proper summer. So here it is: The List. I compiled all the ideas we have done in the past and some new ones I wanted to try, and each day I pick one thing off the list.

The only rule is that we have to do it together. That way we spend time together, and the moments don't pass me by. I am only prepared through June though, so who knows about July.

1. June 1- Nature Scavenger Hunt from Hollie Hobby website
Think find a twig, something soft, something red etc. It's a classic. You can't go wrong with a scavenger hunt. When we were finished, they colored the paper and Alli drew pictures of each item she found outside.

2. June 3- Puppet Show
I helped them set up a coffee table stage and write a script- then we did the show for Dad when he got home. The Lion had to make the elephant laugh to get some Kool-aid because he ran out of money to buy it. (Just like real life!) He finally made him laugh with the bit about the Dark Dark House... When Maddie tells it, it's a "dawk, dawk howse in the dawk, dawk woods"

3. June 4- Learn to play Chinese Jump rope
I ordered one from amazon for a couple of dollars and taught the girls how to do the jumps. I used to play this game at recess, so it makes me all nostalgic...

4. June 7- Make Pictures with Colored "Glitter" Rice
I always have some of this on hand, but it is a pain to clean up. (I keep stepping on stray grains of rice for days) so it was a treat for them to get to use it. We drew letters with Elmer's Glue for Maddie and then she dropped the rice on top. You shake it off like glitter to reveal the picture underneath. Then we hid buttons in the leftover rice and played pirate "treasure hunt." Maddie counted the loot to see how much treasure she'd found.

To make: Mix 1 C rice with a few drops of food coloring and 1t vinegar. Bake in a 200 degree oven for 40 minutes on a cookie sheet. I make 2 or 3 colors at a time.

5. June 8- Library Story Time

6. June 9- Outdoor Bear Hunt
This is kind of a joke at my house. A couple of years ago I printed off some pics of bears and hid them in the bathroom. Then I got a flashlight and convinced Alli to follow me around on a "bear" hunt. She kept saying, "Mom, there aren't any bears in the house" When she found them in the dark bathroom with the flashlight, she was so shocked. So this time I made the pics bigger and hid them outside. We pretty much played hide and seek with the bear pictures. After I hid them, Alli and Maddie both wanted a turn to hide them and take us around on a bear hunt (through the river, up the tree etc) It was lots of fun.

7. June 10- Hide and Seek
After our bear escapades, it was time for the real thing.

8. June 11- Art Day
We pulled out the good old Usborne art book and made some cowboys with string arms. Then Alli and Maddie spent a good hour using those cowboys and sheriffs like paper dolls. I think there was even a wedding amongst the cast. Not very rough and tough, but we have a house full of girls and certain accommodations have to be made.

9. June 14- Google a Topic
Alli decided to look up Mozart and Louis Armstrong. (Um, I think they were both stories in the Magic Tree house series because I'm cultured, but not that cultured.) After we read some bios on Wickipedia, I put Louis Armstrong into the Pandora radio website. What an amazing site! Not only did she learn about Louis Armstrong and what he sounded like, but it played all the other major Jazz contributors from the era as well. There were even little information boxes that popped up with each new song. Wow. The Internet is amazing.

10. June 15- Make Father's Day Cards
See it was on my list, so I didn't forget. Handy.

11. June 16- Backyard Soccer
We set up deck chairs to mark the goals and kicked the ball around. I can't believe how willing they are to chase that ball all around the yard while exercising their little legs. That Hello Kitty soccer ball finally got put to use! It only took three years.

12. June 17- Maddie's Tea Party
I made some lemonade and little peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for Maddie and a few of her friends. I love tea parties, and I never miss an opportunity to pull out our little tin tea set. We even pulled out the glitter and sprinkled a little "fairy dust" on all the girls.

So far, we are having a great summer. We've also been swimming at the outdoor Lehi pool, gone to the Petting Zoo, and taken plenty of picnics to the park.

Stay tuned for the next week of fun.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kindergarten come and gone

When I dropped Alli off for the last day of Kindergarten, I got all choked up and cried all the way home. I just can't believe she is going to go to first grade next fall. What will I do with myself all day long without her? What will Maddie do? It's just too much time. Where did the time go and did I make the best use of it? I know this can't be true, but I have this feeling like I'm losing her and whatever I've done up until now will have to be enough becasue now she's out there on her own.

I picked Alli up from school that day and she started to cry, which made me cry all over again- I know... this is getting rediculous, but we just sat there crying together. Isn't it wonderful having a house full of girls?

Mrs. Wright took some pictures during the school year that have been fun to remember. This is Alli at the Jazz read a thon. I think she won the kindergarten reading prize. I don't actually know- Alli wasn't clear on the details.

Here we are at Alli's doughnut date:

And then there was field day. I still remember field day when I was a kid. It was always really exciting, so it was fun to see Alli participate for the first time.

I love Alli so much! As hard as it is, it's fun to watch her grow up and learn new things. I am a lucky Mom, that's for sure.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ty/Mother's Day Photo Shoot

Ty asked me to give him some pictures of our kids for his Birthday, which was two days before Mother's Day. So I spent the last couple of weeks taking shots of the girls. It just also happened to make a good Mother's Day present as well. Without Kiddie Kandids around anymore, what's a girl to do? I guess I need to figure out how to use my photoshop.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

See How They Run

I must say that I am a lucky Mom. I have three beautiful girls, and the last one is so sweet and happy that even a stingy baby dis-liker like me can savor the moment and say things like, "I wish she could stay like this forever," and, "I could just sit here and hold her and kiss her all day." I used to hear things like this and think What in the world are they talking about? Okay, y'all. I get it. I'm converted. Just don't spread it around because it feels very un-like me, and I don't want to completely over-haul my image here.

The other day I was awakened around 3 AM, as is our routine, to Anne giggling. Usually she just wimpers quietly until I come feed her, but this was a full on laugh fest. She was so loud that I had to book it into her room before she woke anyone up. Then she did it again a few nights later. What was so funny alone in the dark? Does she find herself hilarious, or are there comic angels watching over her? I don't know, but, my, what joy she brings into our house.

Bearing this in mind, I did something unthinkable to my little sweetheart. I was planting peas last week while Ty sorted out the sprinkler hoses in our garden boxes. I had Anne sitting pleasantly in the early morning shade behind the house, probably dozing in and out happily or cooing at the bugs. I don't know. Honestly, I wasn't paying that much attention to her.

Once the garden was all set, Ty and I went into the garage to test the irrigation. "Turn it to station four." "How many minutes do you want it to run?" yada yada yada, and then the terrible aweful... Alli comes running around the house yelling, "Mom, you're giving Anne a bath!"

I have never run so fast. That's actually not saying much, but anyway, I ran fast. Anne was in her bouncer drenched, looking around frantically, and taking quick intakes of air as the water droplets beaded up on her face. Her socks were even soaked. Apparantly the garden station runs in the back flower bed as well... Who knew? To her credit, though, as cold and wet as she was, she didn't cry until I started stripping off her clothes.

I put on her fluffiest fluffys, wrapped her in a big blanket, and fed her some. Then I sent her off to peaceful slumber where she spent the rest of the morning safely in her crib. Oh, how sad I was. I might not get over it, but I think she's already forgotten about the whole fiasco. Love that little girl.