Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Hereby Resolve...

It's New Year's Eve!  Where did this year go?  I've got these three great girls that make life go by super fast...And the thing is, well, we're going to have FOUR great girls.  That's going to be our family forever. Four. Great. Girls. And just one boy (Dad).

We had our ultrasound today, and Ty is a little sad.  I feel bad for him, but I also love the idea of four sisters who will be BFF's forever.  For a girl like me who never even had a sister, it seems like pure heaven.  Sure, they fight... a lot, but in the end they will love each other straight through the ups and downs of life.  I can't think of leaving a more wonderful legacy.

This has been a year full of funny little girls doing their girly thing.  Last week we had this conversation in the car after listening to the fox song:

Dad:           Mom is smart like a fox.
Maddie:     Foxes aren't smart, worms are.
Dad:          What? Worms aren't smart.
Maddie:    Well, besides owls, worms are what I always see graduation hats on.  And what about book                 worms?

Maddie says the most hilarious things with a straight face.  Like: "A boy tried to kiss me at recess, but I put my water bottle in my mouth and walked right past him."

Annie turned four this month.  She likes to say, "Mom, I'm shy,"  but I'm not buying it. Anytime an adult gives her a second of attention, she starts talking and won't stop.  The other day we were at a friend's house with a dog.  It was a cute little dog, but she was scared of it, so we told her we would hold the dog.  Every time she realized it wasn't in someone's lap, she came marching over saying, "why did she put the DOG down!" like she owned the place.  Someone should teach her some manners, geez.  Then there's the fact that she dropped out of preschool, so I don't know, maybe she is shy. 

Alli piped up the other day in the car while we were all driving somewhere together. She'd been reading the latest and greatest from the Percy Jackson series.  She put the book down and said, "This part is kinda gay."

I started to explain that you shouldn't say that, and Ty suggested she say it was "lame" or "dumb."  Then I asked her why she thought it was "lame."

"Well, there's these two guys who like each other..."  Oh.  I guess she used the correct terminology after all.  When did I start having a daughter old enough for these kinds of conversations?  

With a New Year and a new girl coming into our family this May, I have a few resolutions to make about paying attention to the small things that make life so great.  I hereby resolve to:

Hug More
Yell Less
Have fun
and Find Joy in the Journey

Happy New Year!