Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hero of the Summer

Tomorrow is the very last day of Summer break, so I'm feeling sentimental.  I have a tan for the first time in years because of all the time I've been spending at the pool.  Kids are doing chores around my house. Everyone is getting gold stars at piano for actually practicing.  It's my best dream come true, and of course I'd  like to take all the credit.  After all, I work pretty hard, right?  

Well, actually, I can't claim Hero of the Summer status because there is another, much more deserving person who has made all the fun possible:  It's Alli!  She is like 9 going on 18 this year.  While I was putting my feet up to catch some sun, she was playing "sharkey in a basket" and letting her sisters play lifeguard while she pretended to be hurt.  She was the one who constructed complicated Polly Pocket games to entertain her sisters all afternoon and walked Annie down to the culdesac to ride her bike.  After, let's say, 100 hours of kid play this summer, Alli deserves a certificate in conflict resolution and recreation management.

I love hearing her say things like, "Oh, look!  You want this toy, not that one," while deftly intervening in a fight.  It makes my day. What would I do without someone to turn on the TV show, help Maddie practice piano, help cook a meal, or even put Annie to bed?  She's amazing! 

Even more amazing is what a lovely young lady she's turning into.  It seems like just yesterday she was a baby.  I used to think it was so annoying when adults said that.  I was in a hurry to grow up while they seemed to want me to stay small forever.  It probably dates me, but I've joined the slow camp.  I wish I could pause time for a bit and keep her forever!  I know I can't though, and I'm excited for all that lies ahead.  

Yesterday we talked about some big ideas about the world, and it was cute to see her give her opinion. I felt lucky to hear her thoughts.  She has a lot to give this world, and I'm humbled to spend these precious years with her before she takes it by storm.

Thanks, Alli, for making this summer so great.  You are my hero!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

To Camp or Not to Camp

True or False?  The Hansens went camping this weekend.  Well, I'll let you decide after you hear the evidence.

Friday Morning: 8 am
Ty packed our car with sleeping bags, a tent, and about a dozen other 'necessities' for camping (Yes, an air mattress counts as necessary.  He packed 2.  He knows how I roll.)  I began packing bags and food.

Friday 9 am - 11 am:
I convinced three girls to take off whatever they had on in exchange for pants, socks, sturdy shoes, and pony tails.  That nearly derailed the whole trip, but I carried on.

Friday Afternoon:
As I pulled in to pick up Ty from work, it started to storm.  Let me not mince words: I saw a huge tree fall over into the road.  It was like, a micro-burst or something.  There was enough lightning that not one of my girls asked "WHERE?  WHERE?  I missed it"... It was everywhere, and they all saw it.  They cried.

We drove down to Scofield hoping to outrun the storm, but the rain followed us.  By the time we failed at fishing and ate all the candy I had in the car, everyone was tired and wanting to go home.  When we got out of the car on the property, I immediately got stung four times on my hands while I tried to swat an angry wasp away from my baby girl.  #animalattack

Friday Night: 7 pm
With every means at it's disposal, the Universe said, "Go Home!"  So we did.

I'm stubborn though, and if I said I was going to camp, by Golly, I'm going to camp.  Watch me, Universe: I'll show you the best camping anyone's ever seen.  Oh, it's on.

Saturday Night: 4 pm, My Backyard

I cooked the tinfoil dinners that we were supposed to eat up in the mountains on the grill.  They were the best tin foil dinners I've ever made!  And half the food wasn't charred.  One point: Mom.  Then a bee started chasing us around the patio and we all ended up eating inside.  Universe: #toomanytocount

Still Scared from Yesterday's Attack

Saturday Night: 6 pm
We made s'mores and played around in the tent.  I was feeling pretty good at this point. We were having fun and no one was even getting dirty.  Win/Win. .
We tackled Dad

Making the Memories People
Saturday Night: 8 pm
We went to bed.

No one's buying this, I hope.  There was no sleeping.  Only pretend sleeping.  Then there was pretend waking up.

Seriously.  I thought there would be more real sleeping.

Saturday Night: 10 pm
Annie came inside to "go to bed" but ended up playing dolls in her room until 11.  Alli and Maddie, after coming inside a dozen times, finally fell asleep in the tent.  Yes!

Saturday Night: 10:30 pm
I went outside to sleep, as promised, with the girls.

Saturday Night: 11 pm
I came inside... Mom fail, I know.

Sunday Morning 7:30 am
I woke up to a bunch of really excited girls.  "Can we do it again tonight?!?" (No way)

The jury is still out on how legit this "campout" was, but we had fun pretending!