Saturday, November 1, 2008

This Halloween Alli was ready. She knew the drill, she'd done it before, and it was time to show her stuff. At 4:30 she was already at the door, saying, "I see trick-or-treaters! Let's go, let's go!"

Maddie, on the other hand, was entirely unaware of what was coming. We practiced saying "chich-a-cheet" a few times before we left, but otherwise she was completley unprepared. Once we got to the first door, however, all that changed. She got wind of candy involvement, and her little hand was urgently smacking our neighbor's door with that flat handed high five knock that toddlers use. As soon as the door opened, she yelled, "chich-a-cheet" and made for the candy. She's a very shy little girl, but not when it comes to candy, I guess. I was surprised to see her approach a strange doorstep, much less interact with another person.

Maddie was so enthralled with Halloween, that I couldn't even get her to smile for a single picture. She was too busy working the street. Here she is with a look of determination on her face:

The day after Halloween we were able to take Alli and Maddie around to visit all the Grandparents who didn't get to see the costumes the day before. They looked great this year, I must say, and thanks again to my sister-in-law Alicia who let us borrow her awesome costumes. We visited Ty's mom in the hospital, who is doing much better this week after losing consciousness last week from diabetic related issues. Hopefully we didn't wreak too much havoc while there, but at least the girls got to see Grandma looking more like herself.
Then we went to my Grandma's for her annual Halloween party, which is always fun. We ate our carved apples, and played fun games like "pass the ring" and "who can get to the duck-taped chocolate fastest." My only regret was that we didn't play "glow in the dark musical coffins" this year because I think I could have wrestled away the last coffin and won for once.

Happy Halloween!