Friday, July 3, 2009

Parade Time

We love a parade, although it can be a challenge to avoid heat stroke. I've decided that I need a few simple things to make a parade fun: food and shade, and if there are snow cones, it's even better. This year we went to both the Lehi and Provo city parades. After six times at the Lehi parade, some of which we spent in full sun the entire time, Ty decided to put out our chairs early in the week. It paid off, and we were much more comfortable. At the Provo parade, Ty's broker company Security Home Mortgage, did all the work for us, and now I think I might add one more necessity to my list: let someone else do the prep.

We had plenty of shady awnings, coolers full of food and cold drinks, and a popcorn machine. It was great, as is the company. We're so happy to work with such an outstanding group.
Maddie was a little scared of the noise at both parades, so she spent a lot of time in her stroller with the top down, but I did get her to come out for some candy that Alli grabbed for us. Of course, she pulled it right back down when I got out the camara, the little tease. Alli was out on the curb scouting out free stuff and pointing at the princesses on the city floats. They might as well have been Cinderella because I didn't bother to explain how the pageant scene works-I'll leave that for another year.