Thursday, December 18, 2008

Conversations with Alli: Part II

Alli, always on the cutting edge of vocabulary, has changed a few things around lately. Knowing her, it seems like she must be doing it on purpose. I can't really imagine she doesn't know the difference, especially when I've told her a few times. She's goofy sometimes and likes to make mistakes on purpose.

"I'm going to shuffle the drive, mom."

"Let's watch that smoofie dog on Charlie Brown."

During a pretend trip to the ice-skating rink, Alli said: "You better be on your best behave, Maddie, or you can't skate." This is all the funnier because I've never ever said that momism to her before.

This month Maddie has also been working on her vocabulary, and we laugh at her all day long. She can now string two words together to make small sentences. The first was, "Daddy's... home." She says each word in the sentence as if it is standing alone, so there is a little pause inbetween. She can also say "C'mon...Alli" and "No...Bed!"

Claus is coming!

Christmas is coming, and we're dusting off the Christmas cookie cutters, preparing some magic reindeer food, and on occasion, visiting with the big man himself for quick pictures and last minute gift wishing. But what happens when Alli's wish is a new one, and Santa's already bought her present? What's an elf to do then?

After hustling around to eight employee Christmas parties, (well, it was a lot, I don't know exactly how many) and rounding up "ten dollar limit" gifts for people I've never met, it's almost time to really celebrate the season. And that means wrapping the little tongue depressor man that Alli made for her Dad in a ridiculously over sized box with the tacky store bows I swore off when I was prideful and living outside our means...

But I love homemade Christmas presents. I think they're awesome and deserve the pomp and circumstance of a good wrapping job. Who needs another gift card, anyway?

My Mom's also been helping us get into the Christmas spirit this year with some new coats for Alli and Maddie. Maddie likes to wear hers all day Sunday, and she won't take it off even to play in the nursery. Whenever she has it on she struts around like she's ten feet tall, when in fact she's smaller than everyone. It gives her a little attitude, which is really funny.

We've done our shopping and planned our holiday meals. Now it's time to light up those high voltage bulbs on the front of our house and turn on the Christmas train. Before long we'll be sipping cranberry cider and eating cinnamon rolls to the pleasant sound of paper tearing and kids screaming--it's almost Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Conversation with Alli

Alli: "We need to send out my birthday invitations because I'm going to be too busy in January, and I know that you are going to be busy too."

Me: "What are you going to be so busy with?"

Alli, after thinking it over: "Paperdolls."