Friday, February 3, 2012

Alli's Baptism

Alli's Baptism went off without any drama, which is possibly a first... She looked beautiful and had lots of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends there to support her on her big day. She looked so grown up in her white dress, and I told her the next time I help her into a white dress it will be for her wedding. I even made a mini wedding-ish video with pictures of her as she's grown up these past 8 years.

When I drove her to preschool over in Saratoga Springs, I used to play the Corinne Bailey Ray song for her Girl Put Your Records On, so that is the first song I put on the video. Alli used to love listening to that song and would sing it loud and proud all the way over to school. It makes me cry just remembering those little moments we experienced together that quickly fade away with time. It goes by so fast. Here's to another eight great years!Ty Baptized Alli and gave her a really sweet confirmation blessing. Afterwards we came back to our house for a little lunch and a lot of dessert. I made an ice cream bar with candy, hot fudge, brownies, and a dozen other toppings. That was so fun to put together that I'm racking my brain for another time when I just really need candy jars... I even put zebra tape on the waters because everything has to match, right? Ty thought this was totally insane, but it only took 10 minutes and gave me immeasurable enjoyment. Alli even got her hair put up (even those little short hairs at the back of her neck) for the first time in her life. Yes, that's right. She is such a stinker that she has never successfully gotten her hair all the way up, ever. My friend Konnie did this great act for me, which was so awesome. I figured if she was going to pitch a fit, at least she wouldn't be mad at me all day. In fact, she was a trooper and wasn't mad at all. She did say later, "it really did hurt, Mom," but I told her that we all make sacrifices in life! I believe the Chinese call it Mother Love. Anyway, it was a great day. I'm so proud of Alli. I'm lucky to have such a little firecracker in my life!