Sunday, March 10, 2013

Maddie turns 6!

We celebrated Maddie's birthday on the last day of February by taking a trip Over the Rainbow.  Ever since Maddie first learned to hold a crayon, she's been a rainbow sketcher.  She never wants to hurt anyone's feelings, least of all a color, so I think it makes her feel good inside to include every color in her drawings.  In the spirit of color inclusiveness, we invited all the girls in her kindergarten class to come to her party and ended up with 12 little girls to entertain! 

I made a rainbow layer cake, which, considering how gut-wrenchingly tedious I find baking, was a big bonus for my mom portfolio, if you know what I mean.  Don't worry, I'm not oblivious to how lopsided/uneven the cake layers are, but it's a miracle this cake even made it to the cake plate, so for that I'm very proud.  When I sliced the cake, the girls were so shocked it made it all worth it.  They kept wondering how the cake got so many colors, and I told them it was magic of course. #mommoment
Another fun thing I came up with was a scavenger hunt that took us over the rainbow and ended in chocolate coin treasure.  The kids made some rainbows that helped them decode the clues and find the gold.
Rainbow decoders

the rainbow dash
Rub a dub, dub there's a ducky in the tub

The end of the rainbow
The kids were so great.  One of the little girls was so excited she said, "This is the best day ever!"  When it was time to go home, that same little girl picked a yellow balloon to take home, and she giggled, and said, "It's so floaty!"  in a dreamy kind of way that made me laugh out loud.  You just can't manufacture that kind of entertainment.  I love how innocent they are at this age.  The world is still full of wonder, and I think a little even rubbed off on me.  When I cut into the cake and saw all the layers for the first time, I got a little starry eyed myself and wondered when I might find time to layer up some more rainbow joy.  Happy Birthday to my tiny friend Maddie: I love you so much!