Sunday, February 1, 2015

Roller Derby

My house has totally turned into a roller derby.  All my kids (plus any others who venture into our basement) are caught up in roller blading fever, and it's the middle of winter...I'm going to laugh when it gets warm and no one EVER skates outside.  I taught two neighbor kids how to roller blade just this week because that's all anyone is allowed to do at this house anymore!

We now have three pairs of roller blades, thanks to Christmas, and the girls wear them around all the time like they're shoes.  Maddie wore hers to dinner the other night, and Alli was wearing them last night while Ty was playing Mario Kart with her.

It can get cumbersome.  Maddie actually thinks she's faster on her skates, but of course skating around the kitchen while you clean up dinner is more hindrance than help.  But my rising blood pressure and stubbed toes aside, I'm glad they've found a new love.

I might need to take a minute to apologize to the parents of the eight kids who just HAVE to have their own roller blades now after wearing ours.  It's just contagious.  We wouldn't be doing it ourselves if not for other kids paving the way.  It's funny to watch how mad kids get when they can't stand up straight while my kids are zipping around, but that's exactly what made my kids want to practice.

In fact, I was a little surprised that Alli took to roller blading after a lot of earlier failed tries at friends' houses.  But it all became clear when she told me that she was wearing someones skates (pretty unsuccessfully) and they said, "Well, you know roller blading isn't for everyone," and that was the moment that decided it all.  No, not surprised at all anymore!  That's my stubborn girl.  I love that about her, bless her heart.  It's such a good, and hilarious quality, that she inherited from me (you're welcome).

We took the girls to Classic Skate a week or so ago, so they could try out their new skills.  After all, skating around an unfinished basement and kitchen sink is great for learning but not quite as accomplished as working up some speed.  Ty rented skates so he could go out with them, but when he was the only adult on the floor acting crazy and skating around, he felt a little sheepish.  At least I thought it was pretty amazing.

It turns out that wearing roller blades around like shoes for a month really pays off at the skating rink.  They did great!  Even Annie was able to go all the way around the rink without any trouble, other than the fact that she just refused to go the right direction.

In case anyone is wondering, that old guy with the striped ref shirt and the boss skating moves is still at the skate rink turning kids around who like to go against the grain and showing the teenagers how cool it is to skate backwards.   The good news is that Annie WILL listen to the random ref, even when it's exactly what I've just been telling her 18 times.  Yep, you still have to skate to the right.

Now I guess I need to learn to roller blade too because it looks so fun.