Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Card 2014

Merry, Merry Christmas

This year has been filled with adventure.  We had a baby!  Ty started a new job, and we moved across the street.  It was like running a marathon, only life style.  And speaking of Marathons, Ty ran a few of those too.   He ran a lot.  In fact, he ran so hard that he now has a broken leg.  It’s kind of an accomplishment if you think about it.  I definitely couldn’t run myself into a stress fracture!
It’s been a crazy year filled with miracles.  We learned that we needed to move just 4 weeks before Virginia was due in May, and I was on bed rest for low fluid.  I wasn’t allowed to pack a single box!  The same week we discovered that the next-door neighbors were moving OUT and would be ready to rent their house on the very same day that we needed to move IN.  We literally rolled our stuff down the hill.  What a miracle!

Help came from everywhere.  It was like Angels came to take care of us.  In two weeks they packed all the boxes and then helped unpack them.  They cleaned the house.  We ate amazing meals that I didn’t cook.  I counted about 25 people who sacrificed in big and small ways to help us out that month.  I didn’t even think I knew 25 people that well, and truth be told, I actually didn’t know a few people before they showed up with a mop.  If you are one of those wonderful old or new friends, thank you again, and imagine me giving you a big hug!

The day we moved my fluid dropped so low that I had to have several tests done up at the hospital, and I ended up having our baby girl 7 days later by C-section.  She was beautiful and healthy—that day another Angel touched our lives.  She is so sweet and special, and really she must be after the category 5 storm her birth caused in our lives.  We gave her an extra special name: Virginia May after both of her amazing grandmothers.

As if all that wasn’t enough change for one year, Ty also took on a new job, so now he has two.  It’s been a great opportunity and a Miracle in itself.   In between working for two companies, Ty took Alli hunting this fall and is teaching Maddie how to ski, which they love.  He, as always, lives life as intensely as possible.

Alli (10), Maddie(7), and Annie(5) are growing too fast.  I wish they would just stop!  Alli is going to be in Middle school in another year, and is such a beautiful, talented young lady.   She is a whiz at school and wants to try out for the school play next month.

Maddie has re-discovered her long lost friend Ginny!  Whenever Maddie looks at her, she laughs.  Every time.  Either Ginny thinks she looks goofy, or they are reunited at long last, haha.   It also tuns out that Maddie is super fab at math.  Her teacher raves about her.  (She must get the math gene from Ty.)

Annie is hilarious.  One night Ty pulled into the garage after we’d eaten dinner.  As he walked in, he asked Annie what was for dinner, and she said, “we had chicken and rice and delicious beans.”  He was disappointed to find out that the delicious beans were black-eyed peas.  Annie and I love them, but no else does, bless their hearts.  New Year’s in non-negotiable though!  Good luck, and all that.

We love all four of our delightful girls.  They make life so amazing, and we feel really blessed this year.  Merry Christmas!  Hope your holiday is bright. 

The Hansens

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