Sunday, July 4, 2010

Anne of our Gables

I feel like rhapsodizing about how perfect my little Anne is today. I don't know if it's possible for me to love her any more, and yet there is still so much time to find out! She is the sweetest, most happy little thing in this world, and at 6 months old, she still has yet to throw a fit. (We're hoping there isn't anything wrong with her...)
She always has a smile for me and anyone else she comes across, especially when she is getting tired and starting to babble in her nonsensical baby way. I can say with complete surety that no one else in the family smiles when they are tired. None of us do. Not at all.
We all take turns trying to get her to giggle because it is hilarious. She is just starting to find peek-a-boo entertaining, so we don't have to rely as much on the toss and tickle methods, but it isn't hard to make her laugh in any case. The one thing she dislikes is eating any kind of solid food. She doesn't cry when I stick the spoon in her mouth, but the faces she makes are clearly saying, "this is disgusting!" The other day when the small grunts of disapproval didn't work, she finally just threw it all up and more, soaking me and her. OK, so maybe we'll wait a bit on that.

I love this daughter of mine.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Clean and Bright

We finished June, and I met my goal of playing one game a day with my girls for every day of the month. There were glittered butterflies to make, Twizzler Pete's Treasure Map to follow, and home-made car washes to cool us down on a hot day. One note to self: Learn how to use a compass. I hid Twizzler Pete's Twizzler stash in my North facing bedroom, but the map clearly said take 15 steps East. Good thing the girls didn't even notice...

The Car Wash game was my favorite by far and the easiest. I set up our ladybug sprinkler head on the driveway and turned on the water. Then they drove bikes, cars, scooters, and themselves through the "car wash" over and over, handing me tree leaves for money. Oh how I love the summer.