Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ryan's Home!

Two years have come and gone, even though it feels like only yesterday that I watched my little brother walk through those MTC doors. But when I stop to think, a lot has really happened. It's like he never left, and at the same time he missed so much. It's funny how time starts to play tricks on you the older you get.

On the way to the airport, it was like an Amazon rain storm accidentally migrated to Utah, and our car was just pummeled as we navigated the point of the mountain, the belt loop, and eventually, the airport. Ty was at school, so I had three kids strapped in the back seat and my Mimi, who used to drive 18 wheelers for a living, in the passenger seat. Between her and Alli, I was getting a lot of driving advice. All I know is that I've never gone 20 miles an hour on the freeway, even in the snow, and it was white knuckle all the way. We made it, and arrived at the terminal with bells on. No, we actually did. My grandmother brought them. And balloons. And signs. We stuck out a bit.
Anyway, Ryan looked great as he came down the escalator still holding his scriptures, name tag in place. Now that's dedication. All I would want on an 18 hour flight from Australia is a sleeping pill and some atarol. Not Ryan. He rocked that trip in a full suit and my parents to boot. They picked him up two weeks before and showed him the sights that he missed while preaching and what not.

Fast forward to coming home. The special sign I had made at Kinkos for 60 bucks blew away in the freak rain storm, and was nowhere to be found. Sitting at Chili's with my family an hour later, looking out at the dry ground and beautiful blue sky above, I don't think they quite understood where that sign could have gone. I promise. It was like the... tropics... and stuff...

My next few days were spent preparing food for the Welcome Home on Sunday, which I catered for my Mom. Ryan gave a great talk, and we had fun entertaining so many old and new friends. Welcome Home Ryan! I'm so glad you're back.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are we Having Fun Yet?

"Don't bother me. This hat is so going to get me more candy"

We are serious about our parades in Lehi. Especially Maddie. She gets the good stuff: hats, Frisbees, Barbie Boot Camp beach balls... You name it. This year Ty finally got the shade to park proximity exactly right, and we were nicely shaded the entire time. Then we were able to get in line at the face paint tent before it was an hour long because we were just across the street! Way to go Dad. Making the memories.

That's right, it was a parade to remember. The girls got their faces painted, we bounced in the bounce houses, and then we got some good old over-priced Lehi take-out in the park. I love it all. Can't wait till next year.